Brazil Sports – What Makes Them So Popular?

Brazil sports are a vital part of Brazil culture. Brazilians are very passionate individuals and they display the same passion towards their sports. From Brazil soccer (the apparent choice) down to the Brazil Grand Prix they’re like to show their enthusiasm. The Soccer Team in Brazil is regarded as one of the finest in the whole […]

Brazilian Beauties – Who Are These 5 Brazilian Beauties?

Brazilian beauties are everywhere you turn in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro. There’s just something about these Brazil girls that makes them so attractive. Here’s my random list of 5 gorgeous Brazilian girls. See which one you like the best. I have to tell you, it won’t be an easy choice. Gianne Albertoni Not […]

The Brazil Language – 5 Brazilian Portugese Facts You Didn’t Know

The Brazil language is a mixture of several different  languages. While the official language of Brazil is Portuguese, you’ll discover that 82% of the population can communicate in some form of English. The Spanish language makes up 10.7%, with Asian and Pacific Island languages spoken as well. You will also find that Italian, German, Amerindian, […]