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The Brazil Language – 5 Brazilian Portugese Facts You Didn’t Know

The Brazil language is a mixture of several different  languages. While the official language of Brazil is Portuguese, you’ll discover that 82% of the population can communicate in some form of English. The Spanish language makes up 10.7%, with Asian and Pacific Island languages spoken as well. You will also find that Italian, German, Amerindian, […]

Brazil History – 7 Interesting Facts You Did not Know

Brazil history is an exciting assortment of facts and remarkable adventures. If you intent to travel to Brazil it would be a good idea to understand some of its history before you go. Then you may understand the people, culture and history a little better. Check out these little known facts about the history of […]

Brazil Facts – 5 Cool Things You Should Know

Cool Brazil facts and information are easy to discover in this very wealthy and assorted country. Here are 5 very cool Brazil facts you should know. # 1 – Brazil Girls Brazil women are known around the globe for their amazing beauty. They are exotic, in great shape and like to show off their physique. […]