Brazil History – 7 Interesting Facts You Did not Know

Brazil history is an exciting assortment of facts and remarkable adventures. If you intent to travel to Brazil it would be a good idea to understand some of its history before you go. Then you may understand the people, culture and history a little better. Check out these little known facts about the history of Brazil and its culture.

The Gold Route

In the 18th century Minas Gerais was a major location for mining gold in South America. The ‘Caminho do Ouro da Piedade’ was the route through Brazil where literally tons of gold would travel every single week.

Tropical Empire

The Portuguese royal family relocated to Rio de Janeiro from Lisbon because Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Portugal in 1807. In 1808 Prince D Joao, an important member of Portugal’s ruling family, made the decision that he would build his own personal version of a tropical empire in Rio.

Kingdom of Brazil

The United kingdom of Portugal, the Algarves and Brazil became a reality in 1815 when Portugual’s Prince John VI made his historic declaration. When Brazil actually became a kingdom the people also find out that they had far more independence for administrative and government issues.

Dia do Fico

Brazil’s capital was the location where the rebellion against the Portuguese monarchy started. Brazil declared its own independence in 1822. There’s a very popular oil painting that shows the historic event. The Brazilian artist Pedro Americo painted “Independence or Death in 1888”. Now Dia do Fico is a national holiday that’s celebrated each year on September 7th.


Based on Brazil history the city of Petropolis has been one of the most honored cities in Brazil. The city and area is famous for its beautiful landscape and temperate climate. Even throughout the 1800s Petropolis was winning followers in the farming community as well as the upper class. It is documented that Brazil’s emperor Pedro I was so impressed by a one night stay at a farm owned by Pardre Correia that he immediately bought the land. The name of this farm was then altered to Fazenda Imperial da Concordia.

Historical Manaus

The city of Manaus is located in the northwestern area of Brazil, close to the junction of the Negro and Amazon Rivers. This place alone is home to more than 1,000,000 Brazilians and it has been a city of great historical importance. Several years ago this city could only be accessed by water, but it was significant trading center. There is also an elegant opera house that is almost 200 years old. Not too long ago roads were constructed to make it easier to get to Manaus.

Shared Borders Affected History

You can find only four mainland countries in South America that don’t share a border with Brazil. These nations are Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. These shared borders are part of the reason that many of the major events that happened in South America have also effected the history of Brazil indirectly as well.

Brazil is a land of mystery and the best way to solve these mysteries is to see it for yourself and experience it. I hope you can visit Brazil soon and see exactly what I’m talking about. Ate logo amigos!

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