Brazil Facts – 5 Cool Things You Should Know

Cool Brazil facts and information are easy to discover in this very wealthy and assorted country. Here are 5 very cool Brazil facts you should know.

# 1 – Brazil Girls

Brazil women are known around the globe for their amazing beauty. They are exotic, in great shape and like to show off their physique. They smile a lot and love to have a great time. There are lots of famous supermodels from Brazil and they have a great zeal for life that is unmatched. When guys see a Brazil beach girl, their heart skips a beat.

#2 – Brazil Beaches

The beaches of Brazil are part of what makes this country such a popular place as well as what the lack of clothing people wear when they go to the beaches in Brazil. Brazilian beach girls have made the extremely itty bitty bikini very popular worldwide. But Brazilian beaches are about greater than swimwear. Beaches in Brazil usually show up when top beaches in the world are listed.

#3 – Brazilian Coffee

Brazilian Coffee shows that not all coffee options are equal. There is a distinct level of quality and with coffee from Brazil, more than likely this is due to the fach that Brazil is the largest producer of cofee in the whole world. Between the numerous harvesting methods, reduced acidity, dry processing methods, direct advertising and three rich growing regions, it isn’t a surprise that Brazil coffee is as popular as it is.

#4 – Brazil Capital

The current Brazil capital is Brasilia, but it hasn’t always been. Up until 1960 Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil beginning in 1763, and before that it  was Salvador from 1549 to 1763. This new capital city was in limbo for about a hundred years following a bill that was introduced for the Brazilian assembly suggesting that a new capital be made that was safer, away from the ocean where it was more likely to be invaded by opposing navies. The bill was passed and stayed in the constitution but it wasn’t executed till Juscelino Kubitschek became President of Brazil and coined the slogan, “50 years in 5.”

#5 – Brazil Language

The Brazil language is a mixture of many different languages. Although the official language of Brazil is Portuguese, you’ll discover that 82% in the men and women speak English. The Spanish language tends to make up yet another 10.7%, with Asian and Pacific Island languages also becoming spoken there. You may also hear Italian, German, Amerindian, and Japanese  spoken in Brazil, the largest nation in South America. It truly is a diverse country.

As you can see from these interesting Brazil facts, it is a country that has much we can learn from and experience. I encourage you if you have the chance to experience the culture in Brazil and travel their yourself.

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